3 Highland Escapes in Malaysia that Offer Exquisite Landscapes

April 9, 2019

Malaysia, Travel Deal

Being a country in the tropical region constituting a number of islands surrounded by water, the weather is usually warm and humid throughout the year in Malaysia. Even though the rainfall is frequent and recurring, there is still no respite from the conditions anyhow. It is an aspect many tourists find hard to deal with, especially when it comes to outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Unfortunately, one can’t change how the weather behaves but still, you can find more practical ways to get yourself a cool escape from the scorching hot and humid atmosphere in the country. There are 4 such highland regions in Malaysia which are an excellent place for a retreat in the cooler temperature and pleasant landscapes. So for your next trip to Malaysia, do not forget to include these 3 highlands locales in your itinerary. You can get these customized tour packages at cheapest prices by availing these Klook Promo Codes and save a hefty sum from your customized travel bookings.

Genting Highlands


This place is purely magical with its lush green hilly landscapes and cool fresh mountain air. This place should also particularly be visited for its 100 million-year-old rainforest. The best part about this place is that it merely takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach here from the Kuala Lumpur city. There are a lot of exciting activities available here to get yourself refreshed amidst these hilly terrains. The activities include all kinds of varieties to ensure that people of all types can find their choice of fun on this highland. Kids can find their entertainment at the beautiful and enjoyable amusement park, while adventure-rush seeking enthusiasts can try stuff such as rock climbing (indoor), try flying fox ride, go abseiling and obviously hiking. This place is thoroughly adapted for the tourists which means you can find all kinds of luxurious facilities here along for a perfectly pleasant experience.

Cameron Highlands


This is one of the most exquisite picturesque sites that you could find in Malaysia and this is why it is also the most popular highland retreats that you can have in Malaysia. The moderate climate of these regions adds more value to this visually stunning landscape as you would find it suitably between 25°C and 18°C on any given day. This place has impeccable and strikingly lavish greenery and no wonder it is the biggest producer of fruits and vegetables in the country. There are a lot of things that one could do at this place with friends and families whomsoever companies you. These highlands are also known for their premium tea which has a very high demand due to its rich taste and aroma.

Kinabalu National Park

Mount KInabalu

For those who seek to explore the raw side of nature, the Kinabalu National Park serves a perfect experience of their choice. This national park is mostly known for having the highest mountain peak of the entire South East Asia which is Mount Kinabalu. The extensive diversity of flora and fauna available at this place makes it a treat for nature lovers. The place has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO due to the same reason. The place offers a great experience to those who wish to climb to the top as the climbing isn’t typically tough but not that easy too. The whole trip to the summit of the peak and back usually consumes two days and it is suggested to manage the tour schedules keeping this thing in mind. Do not miss out on the rare carnivorous species of Plant, the Nepenthes.

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