3 Sky High Adventures in Cebu That Will Make You Thrilled

March 12, 2019

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There are many people who are fearful of heights and they should be accepted for what they feel. But there are those who are real daredevils and love to go to heights for thrills and adventures. The most challenging thing about height is the fear that it can perpetuate and if a person has no sign of it and rather loves and seeks such highly adventurous activities for the sheer adrenaline rush it gives.

For such adventure seekers, the Cebu Island in the Philippines is an ideal place as it offers a wide array of activities to get the adrenaline pumping in volumes. The adventures are available both on land and underwater of equally enjoyable magnitude. If you wish to explore such brazenly heightened experience, you can avail these Klook Promo Codes to get the best travel deals in the Philippines and go for a challenging high altitude fun with these 3 sky-high adventures in Cebu.

Rock climbing


There are several patches of rocky territories in the Cebu but it has been in recent times that people started to explore the rock climbing adventures. The geographic formation of the island has blessed it with plenty of limestone rocks and plateaus which give real fun to the rock climbers. The steepness of the rock is perfectly curated by nature for rock climbing activities and add to it the colossal scenic beauty of the place making things even better for the climbers as they could feel even more satisfied with their efforts enjoying the views from the top. Even though the area has not fully developed yet, but one could find a community of rock climbers within the scarce population of this island.



The adventure from height can’t get better than sky diving as people jump out from the top and sprang through the crazy atmosphere heading down towards the land. This is one of the craziest adrenaline rushes that one could ever experience and people who do it on a regular basis are almost in obsession or addicted to it. For the starters, there is a certified agency run by a veteran sky diving professional where the amateur divers can find all the essential kit and training for doing it safely. Those who do it are often seen inspired enough to go for it one more time.

Sky Walking

Sky Walking

To walk at the height of a sky-high building is a challenging task and would scare most people out of anguish and fear of falling. But there is this one adventure in Cebu which allows people to explore this breathtaking activity with all the safety precautions in place. Sky walking is surely going to give you thrills like none other. It is just a few step walk that often turns into half an hour journey when done from the top of a 126-metre high building. Beware those who get nervous on facing challenges and better stay away for own good.

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