4 Best Authentic Street Food To Try In Malaysia!

March 6, 2019

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As soon as you plan to travel to a place, the first thing you must keep a note on is the type of food available there and the places where you can hop there!

Eating a country’s local dish is one of the best ways to explore the culture of the country. From looking at the ingredients used to prepare the dish to find out the process of its preparation, everything is unique and different on its own. By having a meal, you can learn a lot about people and the destination you are visiting by just filling your stomach.  

When you visit Southeast Asia, then be prepared to explore the best food in Malaysia. The reason Malaysia is known as the cultural Hubspot and multiculturalism is because of its diversity. Here in this post, we have shared with you a mix of multiple cuisines including Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, and Baba Nyonya (Chinese-Straits) cuisines. So, when you are visiting Malaysia, do not forget to explore the amazing food and also the influences of the neighbouring countries of Thailand and Indonesia. There are so many incredible food options to choose from and the best place to indulge is on the street.

Below are the top 4 Malaysia street food dishes that you must try on your next trip to Southeast Aisa. 

Malaysia Street Food Dish #1: Laksa

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If there us number one street food that is closely connected to Malaysia is If there’s one street food dish that is closely associated with Malaysia, it’s laksa. It is one spicy noodle recipe found in every region of Malaysia.

The most popular variant is Assam laksa, which is found on the island of Penang. The recipe is made with shredded fish, sliced cucumbers, onions slices, tamarind to offer a sour taste, and thick or thin rice noodles. You can enjoy it any time by ordering Malaysian street food online at a discount price by using Happyfresh promo code.

Malaysia Street Food Dish #2: Koay Teow

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To get an instant snack after your meal, koay teow, or char koay teow are some excellent street food choice you can enjoy.  Malaysia street food is quite popular and can be found anywhere.

The recipe is equal Thailand’s pad see ewkoay teow which is made from wide flat rice noodles, bean sprouts soy sauce and chillies all stir-fried in a hot wok. Few places, you could find eggs and chicken. This is one oily and spicy dish, some tourists who do not like these flavour might not prefer it.

Malaysia Street Food Dish #3: Wonton Mee


Another best staple street food to try when in Malaysia is a famous Chinese influence wonton mee. A popular noodle dish that contains wontons also recognised as dumplings. The dish is easily available on streets as well as you can order Wonton Mee from online using Ezbuy promo code and enjoy ar bets prices.

The dish is prepared with egg noodles, pork, wontons, slabs of jalapeno peppers, and sprinkled with a generous oyster sauce. You can choose your taste whether dry or in soup broth.

Malaysia Street Food Dish #4: Banana Leaf Rice


All the vegetarian travellers can give their heart to this delicious street food dish. Though there are many street food dishes to choose from this brought from the Southern region of India.

The Banana leaf rice is the popular option that is just not appelaing looks, but also it gives a satisfying palette to your taste buds too. The dish is prepared using a banana leaf as the plate, and over it, white rice is served with a mixture of herbs, curries, and pickled dishes.

Order your favourite Malaysian street food dish and enjoy the time in Malaysia!

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