Top 5 Gadgets Every Millenial Should Get This Year!

Thinking on what gifts and gadgets to buy for Generation Y? Here we’ve got you some best-buys which you can shop!

In recent times, the growth of technology and high-tech gadgets have been on a rise and expanding on a regular basis. With this ever-changing increasing rate of technological adoption worldwide, gadgets have become the most pervasive part of people’s lives and stand among the top used equipment among Millennials (aged 18-34).

In recent research, it was found out that the highest rate of people who own a smartphone or use the internet is greater than the ones using own a smartphone or use the internet. The Philippines country is no exception to this. According to research done by the Pew Research Center, it was found that about 58% of millennials in the Philippines enjoy using the internet whereas only 23% of people aged 35 or older do so. It is clear from the research that Millenials of today in the Philippines is attached to the technology and gadgets!

Therefore, to find out the best gadget to buy for Millenials here’s a list of top 5 gadgets you should buy for work, home, or playtime.

1. Gadgets for the Bibliophile: Kindle E-Reader

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If you are looking to gift someone who is an avid reader, then go for Kindle E-Reader. This reader helps in getting all their books stored in one device and stay away from the heavy bundles of books. The best part about this Kindle is that it helps you in storing the thousands of books and offering you high-resolution screens that gives a clear picture of what you see. For Bibliophiles, this is the best option to invest your money and say goodbye to paper books. Get it at budget price by using unique Lazada promo code.

2. Gadgets for Creatives: iPad Pro

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Apple has one new latest gadget named iPad Pro for all the creative millennials. The principal feature of the device is its big, crunchy and colour perfect screen that comes along in two sizes including 10.5 and 12.9-inch. Furthermore, with this additional new features, there is also Apple pencil which can be sold separately for writing, creating sketches, storyboards, logos, typefaces and other creative pursuits on the iPad Pro.

3. Gadgets for The Tech Savvy On Go: Ticwatch

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Ticwatch is the latest launch android smartwatch. It keeps the tech-savvy person on the go. If you wish to get fitness on the go then shop for this smartwatch now by using Ticwatch promo codes to enjoy at discount rates. Besides answering calls, texting, receiving notifications, you can also track your heart rate, steps, sleep quality, body statistics and syncs it up with your phone. This will allow you to be fit and keep track of your fitness journey on your health and motivate you to keep moving.

4. Gadgets For The Traveler: Noise-cancelling Headphone

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Another gadget which is used my many millennial who travel often is the wireless noise-cancelling headphones. A noise cancelling headphone will offer a sense of relief while travelling and you can hear only those sounds which you prefer to hear like any music or songs of your choice. While wearing the headphones, you will not be able to listen to the ambient noise thereby offering you a quiet and peaceful commute.

5. Gadgets for The Workaholic: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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The last gadget on this list is for the workaholic millennials. Samsung Note 8 is the best choice you can invest your money. The smartphone features a powerful processor, active 2K AMOLED screen, astonishing cameras, latest Android and packed with S-pen. With the S-pen, one can easily host productivity of the apps and run your business and work on the go. Shop it now online using Poundit promo code and enjoy the smartphone at lesser rates.

Lastly, we hope this curated list have helped in introducing with some latest gadgets which you haven’t known before!

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