4 Ideal Destinations You Can Visit for Winter Adventures

January 22, 2019

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The winter season is one of the best time for adventures. The cold climate is very apt to keep the spirits going for hours without any sign of exhaustion or tiredness. The fact that snow-laden landscapes offer a captivating setting makes it even better to keep you going. The winter season in Europe is particularly popular for providing some of the best destinations for winter sports.

Apart from adventures such as skiing, one could also find many other retreats and enjoyable offerings for all budgets. You can book an ecstatic winter escape to Europe with these Expedia Promo Codes to avail great discounts on your travel booking. There are many popular destinations which one can choose in every country therefore here we included the best one from each nation.

Silvretta, Austria

st. anton austriaThe Central East Alps region in Austria has a beautiful place that offers a majestic landscape for having fun in the winter season. The mountain peaks are in big numbers scattered throughout this place many of them reaching well over 3000 metres. The valley of Montafon adjacently placed to this place is one of the longest stretches of Snowy landscape with a distance spanning over 140 km. There are plenty of available options for freestyle skiing lovers who want to experiment with their skills. The fact that area is most going downhill makes it a very apt choice for skiing by people of all kinds.

Chamonix, France

franceIf you know a thing or two about the skiing destinations, this place would not be new for you. After all, it is constantly rated as one of the most popular hotspots for skiing in Europe. Chamonix is located on the foot of the Mont Blanc mountainous terrains. The place is usually flocked by skiers in huge numbers as it has a border with two more countries i.e. Italy and Switzerland. Being a renowned spot of skiing, the place has developed a very resourceful option with everything readily available that you would need for skiing. This was apparently the venue of first ever Winter Olympics held in 1924.

Hafjell, Norway

norwayNorway is on the Northern Europe which makes it a place with a very consistent snowfall that is seen throughout the winter season. In spite of weather being cold, this place is very reliable and provides a very optimum set up for skiing and never faces weather constraints that could turn into a hurdle for skiers. The area has many skiing resorts which have evolved a natural and man-made combination to provide the perfect base for skiing. This location is very easy to reach and ideal for families owing to the variety of snowscapes it offers for all kinds of skiers from adults to children.

Pyrenean, Spain

spainThe Pyrenean peak offers a variety of base for skiing with over 50 different ski runs. The region has slope tilted towards the north that ensures heavy snowfall throughout the Winter season. It is known for its exceptional slopes in the same direction which essentially makes it one of the safest places for skiing in the world. There is not much crowd though and it gives a very tranquil and more pleasurable experience especially for those who go with their families or in groups.

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