3 Top Shopping Malls in Manila That are Enticing

December 11, 2018


The malls in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, are more than just a place for shopping. The locals have adopted it as a part of their lifestyle and everyday life. The malls in this country serve more than just a shopping hub but they are one of their favourite places to rejoice, party and venue of several other special events. You would even find many people simply strolling around for a walk just for fun. In fact, the local administration knows it very well and cares to make it more involved in traditional and customary celebrations of the Philippines.

There are a number of shopping malls in the Philippines which you would find unorthodox or unique in all aspects. There are some that would remind you of Singapore’s shopping malls if you have been there. But nonetheless, these shopping malls are one of the best places to buy many amazing things at fairly inexpensive and bargain prices. Here are a few amazing Expedia Vouchers for you if you wish to book a trip to the Philippines at an incredible discount. Coming back to the malls, here are top 3 malls in the Philippines which you must visit.

Greenbelt Mall

greenbelt_mallThis mall is specifically for high-end shoppers who are looking for some of the premium branded goods and flagship stores. This mall was developed by Ayala Malls and is probably one of their best malls in the country. This mall has been uniquely designed amidst a garden type set up and divided into two greenbelts. While the first greenbelt is for the top brand stores and valuable goods which feature many renowned international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Armani to name a few. The second one features many fast food and eatery shops that include some popular chain outlets as well. This mall has interconnected way that leads to the other mall known as the Landmark Mall, where one could find household goods, clothing and other routine utility products.

Glorietta Mall

Glorieta MallThis mall is located at the centre of Makati City and it could be one of the worst places to reach during the rush hours. This is a big mall and has been divided into 5 different sections each one of which is home to several varieties of products. The hall has many fun places in it such as the cinema hall, an arcade centre and one could even find fitness and health wellness centres. This mall also has many fancy and premium restaurants known for their culinary delicacies all around the country. This mall organizes several events every year such as Fashion shows, exhibitions, business expos etc. The Glorieta mall is also one of the most awarded malls in the Philippines.

Greenhills Shopping Center

Greenhills Shopping CenterThis is a pure Asian shopping destination where one could find a number of stalls installed in several vertical rows each of which has its own uniqueness and speciality products. This is a place which offers the genuine Asian shopping experience where you have to bargain to get the deal of your choice. there are more than 100 shops in this mall that include wide categories of product ranging from household goods to interior decoration and furniture items. There are some second hand or used gadget shops where you could find many top-end products at extremely low prices. The mall also houses a very standard and class cinema experience, has a music museum and an Indie Theatre too.

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