2 Fitness Watches That Can Elevate Your Training Standards

November 23, 2018

Gadget Deals, Singapore

The technology has changed the world of watches. It once started off with a classic mechanical timekeeping machine and after a long journey of unimaginable transformations, it has now evolved into a much more proficient and improved tech device that will keep a track of your health,. From time to health, what a remarkable rise it has been. Some critics who were writing off the credibility and worth of wrist watches just a few years back have been delivered a punch of technology right on their faces.

Today, the watches have turned smart thanks to the technology. The watch that once recorded time as a stopwatch is now capable of tracking several other data about the health of the person wearing it, all at once. If you are unable to get your physical training right, just buy one of these fitness watches using these ishopchangi Vouchers and obtain your assistant n fitness and training at the lowest price.

Here are 2 Absolutely amazing fitness watches that can elevate your training standards.

Fitbit Surge Superwatch

fitbitThis fitness watch has very advanced tracking abilities with the help of its GPS tracker. The watch is not just a very capable tracker but one of the most precise ones too. It is not just able to record the distance you have travelled but also able to adjudge the heights as well. The watches thereby concludes both length and the height that you have travelled to calculate an exact data of calories spent in the process. Let me tell you that most of the watches do not consider the movement of heights while tracking and calculates the calories burned solely on the basis of distance travelled by the person. Apart from fitness tracker, it also has the features to provide you text and call notifications and ensure you don’t miss out on any important interaction no matter what you are doing. The watch has many other exciting features which you can use by synchronizing it with your smartphone or computer. It is an ideal assistant that will truly lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Apple Watch Sports

Apple-Watch-SportIf we are talking about technological devices, it would be incomplete without including Apple device. The Apple already has a groundbreaking tech watch in form of Apple Watch 3.0 but it also wanted to serve the fitness frenzy people with its technological expertise and therefore came up with a fitness version of its smartwatch. Apple Watch Sports is very elegantly designed with absolutely stunning looks. The device can do all the fitness-related tracking along with heart rate monitoring, count the calories spent and updates and motivates you about the fitness goals that you have set for yourself. Apart from fitness features, it is also capable of connecting and sharing data with all the Apple devices from iPhones to Mac. This watch is fairly capable as it uses the A1 chip developed by Apple itself. The large display and 8GB memory ensure that you can make the best use of this device. Apple provides this watch with an Aluminium case to protect it from any damage when you are carrying it in your pocket.


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