3 Reasons Why the Philippines is a Paradise of Islands

November 19, 2018

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It is a real shame that most of the tourist who visits South East Asia don’t consider the Philippines while planning their travel route. Most of the orthodox travel booking options also give it a miss from their itinerary as if it is not as relevant as some others. This is a farce which tourism industry has been obliged to follow due to the popularity and prominence gained by Thailand-Vietnam-Cambodia route.

Any person who would visit the Philipines would be surprised by the fact that how such a gem is not getting the much-deserved appreciation for all the right reasons. While people do not seem to care any lesser about capitalizing on the notions, I would recommend you to go beyond it and I can assure you that you will be thankful for this suggestion for the rest of your life. For making your travel more affordable, here’s one more advice. You must check out these Klook vouchers before making your travel bookings and avail exciting discounts and deals on travel packages.

Here are 3 Reasons which would motivate you to go ahead for the Philippines trip.

The Benevolent and Loving People

1482337312Every place is as good as its people make it. The Filipinos are one of the sweetest and friendliest people on the face of the earth. t hard to believe how good they are and at times, it feels extremely awkward to the degrees they would readily go in order to help strangers without even being asked for it. If this happens at any other place, I would insist you be careful of any such person but not in case of Filipinos. It is actually their culture which teaches them to gain pleasure by helping others and making friends as much as possible. They don’t believe in the petty and disgraceful human behaviour which they don’t experience in their day to day lives most of the other places do. I can bet you would end up with at least 10 or more lifelong friends during a 3-4 day trip itself even if you are not comfortable at making friends.

A Paradise of Islands

White-beachThere are more than 7000 islands combined together in the Philippine territory. This means you have to spend more than 22 years of your life to visit all the places in the country in spite of the small area cover which country has. The islands of the country are absolute heaven if I may say so. There is hardly any such beach left alone by the influence of the tourism industry in the world but except the Philippines. You could find thousands of them over here.

The Diverse Landscapes

1482337241The beauty of these pristine beaches lies in their seclusive nature which has not been altered with by the flocks of human beings visiting the country. The islands are not just limited to beaches and you can find many amazing tropical forests with lush green and dense vegetative cover, a plethora of picturesque landscapes all around the different islands including hills, rivers, waterfalls, volcanic rocks and incredible diversity of flora and fauna all across these islands. You could also find some of the best spots for Sea Diving, Surfing and other water sports as well. There is nothing left that you would want in your ideal holiday destination which you will not find the Philippines.


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