3 Ecotourism Spots in the Philippines That Offer Serene Experience

November 13, 2018

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Every place has its own ubiquitous charm and there is a speciality about every place. If you talk about the Philippines, the place is truly phenomenal from the ecological perspective. The country happens to be one of the most blessed and extravagant natural landscapes which will leave you ecstatic in sheer amazement. It has bountiful nature with breathtaking locales you will cast a spell on you that you won’t ever want to leave the place.

The Philippines has also done a commendable job and made a very responsible effort to promote the natural attractions of the place. But they have been encouraging ecotourism with the desired precautions so that the natural environment doesn’t suffer the consequences of the heavy influx of travellers. There are a lot of places that are well worth it from the ecotourism perspective which you would love to visit. There is every reason for you to experience the natural enigma of the place. So, if you love nature, grab these Expedia Promo Codes and book a trip to the Philippines on awesome discounts.

Here are 3 most popular ecotourism spots which you must check out during your visit.

Macungie Geo-Reserve

georeserveThis is a locale that is protected by lush green rainforest and giant limestone rocks in the Rizal territory. This geo-reserve spans across an area of over 1500 hectares and is home to many indigenous species of flora and fauna. The place is a hub of endemic wildlife that can be witnessed in its true state living in its natural habitat. There is a famous Discovery Trail that is must-visit trekking trail as it offers a very vivid, vibrant and extempore beauty of nature that would leave awe-inspired.

Malapascua Island

reefThis is an Island destination that has a lot to offer more than just those warm and cosy sand beaches. It is one of those places where the beaches have not been visited by the flock of tourists and this has kept the surrounding marine world completely unspoiled. This happens to be one of the top best diving spots due to its surreal marine experience and the preserved marine sanctuary. Apart from that, you can find some really colourful and visually delightful coral gardens that are just majestic.

Cuatro Islas

islandThis place is another gem of a place that you would love to explore. Being an island, you can always expect the white pristine sandy beach, vibrant colourful coral beds. This place is a compilation of four islands that are conjoined through beaches of sand and this in itself makes for a special view hard to find anywhere else. The best part about it is the uniqueness that all the four islands posses which makes them different from each other in more than many ways. This is also a famous diving spot and even though the place is now being flooded by tourists, still, here are ample efforts being put to preserve the place in its true state.


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