3 Latest Technologies that You Should Look for in Your New Smartphone

The technology is racing away at a rapid pace and there is no denying that smartphones are getting outdated meagrely within a few months of their launch. Most companies know that the competition is a quintessential part of today’s market and one who advances by incorporating innovative features is going to survive the peer pressure. But is it a gigantic change or a just a level up? This question is the primary concern that consumers are seeking nowadays.

While most companies keep promoting their smartphones with every typically exaggerated content that gives the impression that their new launches are a gravity defining shift in tides in the mobile universe but it is not always the case. Most mobile phones are a lot about software or chipset changes rather than other elementary constituents. But these constituent hardware plays a vital role in the performance of mobile and as a consumer, you must know the viability of the hardware in the near future. So if you are going to purchase a new smartphone, keep in mind that your smartphone has these 3 technologies to make sure the mobile is futureproofed. Also, remember to use these Ezbuy Vouchers to ensure the best price on your purchase.

UFS 2.1 Storage

UFSThe mobile devices that we have seen in the last one decades have been mostly using EMMC storage cards which are getting outdated and will probably not feature in the devices within the next few months. The latest technology in mobile storage is UFS 2.1 which is much reliable, safer and extremely quick way of storing and transferring data. This storage usually gives a very smooth and fast response to the device when the data is being accessed which results in incredibly quick booting time and faster overall performance output.

Notch Display

screenThe smartphones that are being launched are showing an incredibly distinct screen which you might have noticed or learnt about. If not, then let me inform you that these are notch displays which utilize more space upfront which was earlier left out providing a good screen to body ration and larger pixel count. This ultimately results in a more immersive display with better colour reproduction and sharper images. Most of the phones in near future will certainly use this screen instead of the regular IPS panels used till now.

USB Type C Ports

usb-c-audio-1This is probably one of the most evident changes which we will be able to observe without much confusion as it is will make it harder for those with older USB ports will not be able to share their mobile chargers. But keeping this practical aspect apart, there are a plenty of remarkable improvements that USB Type C ports offer to any smartphone. The most striking aspect is the ability of faster and safer charging ability which reduces the charging time and increases the battery health. One more aspect which has been rarely used in one or two smartphones till now is the music connectivity. This USB port is a competent and much more intensive ability to give music in the headphones and earphones. The technology which we mostly find right now is the 3.5mm jack.

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