4 Essential Gadgets In The Philippines For The Millennial On The Progress!

The Philippines is the fastest growing economy in South East Asia but it offers slow internet facility. Notwithstanding this, many people feel that they still have great opportunities that could turn the country into Asia’s next big tech.

In modern times, the technological adoption has evolved very much and as result gadgets have become a huge part of people’s life. Many gadgets offer great service and functionality that helps any common person to lead a good life. Amongst these people, Millennials (aged 18-34) are highest in the majority who have the highest rates of people who own a good smartphone. The Philippines country is no exception.

A research on Pew Research Center revealed that about 58% of millennials in the Philippines use the internet while only 23% of people having age 35 or older do so. The research proves that it is obvious that millennials in the Philippines are connected to their technology.

You can trust Lazada for shopping some great extensive range of products beyond local and international brands and offers the best type of products from fashion to electronics, health and beauty to home and living. Thereby, you can surely find a best electronic item online where you will get exciting products to look forward. All deals are coupled with some quick and reliable nation-wide delivery network with the best shopping experience.

You can find a hundred and thousands of products listed online and find everything you need. So here’s a list of the essentials you need.



With the technology moved so ahead, smartphones have also explored hugely. With many smartphones getting evolved and the features and specification have developed hugely, you can find the latest smartphone model from Lazada that will offer you best deal.

Shop Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S9+ that will allow you to get through the latest technology and model and offer you all advance feature at a budget price essential for millennial. So, whether you are a strong Apple fan or an Android advocate, there’s an unbeatable assortment accessible at Lazada from top of the line flagships, to budget mid-range choices.

Power Banks


After a smartphone, there is one important and very essential gadget without which a smartphone is useless. Yes, a smartphone is only as useful when it’s juiced up and not dead. You can grab a compact charger which is also known as a power bank. It allows you to don’t worry when you are low on battery and also don’t need a socket to charge your smartphone.

A power bank handles your phone battery and you can charge it anytime and anywhere. There are so many power bank options available, each one offering different features to choose from. You can find the best one that offers desired battery storage base on your need. You can select RAVPower RP-PB43-BLACK Portable Charger that offers so many options to choose from, with many additional features such as recurring quick-charging harbours.



Earphones are a great tech device that you can carry it out anywhere like while driving, sweating in the gym or while working on your laptop, just tune it on and get free from rest of the world.

Among the top curated choices, you can find the best pair that fits your need. As there are multiple options of earphones available online you can choose Anker SoundBuds In-Ear Sports Earbuds or Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone that offers great features.



Though there are many smartphones available that offer great camera quality and thereby decreasing the use of cameras but still cameras has its own uses. There are many different cameras available that offer great functionality and features that a phone camera cannot provide.

If image quality is your endgame, then buying a DSLR camera is the top priority. You can select Canon EOS 1300D 18MP with EF-S 18-55mm Non-IS III Lens Kit or GoPro Hero5 12MP 4K Ultra HD Action Camera as these are certainly your best bet. When you have the best camera then you certainly don’t need the background as every picture you click will offer quality.

So, hopefully, you will find the perfect cool gadget in the Philippines for yourself at the best rates!

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