Philipines Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Philippines!

So, are you planning to have a vacation in the Philippines? Well, if your answer is yes then you should read this post and know best things you can do in the Philippines and how to dress up, eat food, and place to explore there.

You really do not have to worry much about the country, it is a very easy travel destination by Southeast Asian standards. If you know how to speak in English then you could easily survive there and plan a perfect travel trip.

The Philippines country is home to over 7000 islands, and one of those destinations that are largely underrated when compared to other destinations in Southeast Asia. But still, many travellers prefer to go in the Philippines and enjoy some endless opportunities and the beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, gleaming jewel coloured volcanoes and seas, and dramatic rice areas and hills. You could confidently go to this country and enjoy the best time exploring good things. We will also cover some information on what clothes you should take with you and what food you should try there.

This Philippines Travel Guide offers some recommendations, tips, and all essential information to help you explore best things in the country and to make of your trip. To reach there, you can choose Expedia for booking up your flights and for staying you can also choose some great hotel options.

Clothes To Pack In Your Bag!


Here are best fashion tips and clothing style you can follow when you are travelling to the Philippines.

  • You should dress up elegantly as Filipino women are well-groomed and dress wonderfully, with matching jewellery.
  • In Evening times, you can choose some glitzy sandals and accessories as it is more preferable to dress like at a party.
  • Add some well-designed pieces of costume jewellery that will change any outfit look.
  • Wear a pashmina or sarong that will make it a versatile style and will add a bit of ‘glam’ when you need it.
  • For any formal occasions, you should choose cocktail dresses or long gowns.
  • The Philippines are less conservative than in neighbouring countries so you can choose to wear shorter skirts and sleeveless are acceptable.

To shop these cool different styles, you can choose Zalora, where you will be offered all the latest brand apparels.

Best Places to Visit!

Here are some of the best places options to explore in the Philippines:

Chill At Huma Island, Palawan


Are you planning to take a break from the crowded city then surely the Huma Island is the right choice to choose. Here you can spend a luxurious getaway and feel heavenly refuge full of indulgence and adventure. You will feel majestically in the stunning turquoise waters of Palawan and feel like you are chilling at any resort.

Do Adventure Stuff At Camiguin


Camiguin is a right choice to experience the “Island Born of Fire” where it will fascinate you with tremendous volcanoes such as Mount Uhay, Mount Hibok-Hibok, Mount Vulcan and Mount Mambajao.

Feel Like A Dream At Batanes

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Batanes is one of the dream places to visit in the Philippines. It makes you feel like you are in a heaven and promises to give you a small part of heaven of earth. It is popular for its precipitous natural beauty and enunciated landscapes. This remote wonderland definitely leaves you speechless with majestic lofty cliffs, rolling hills, boulder-lined shores and deep canyons.

Best Food To Try!

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Here are some best food options you can try in the Philippines.

Lumpia – Lumpia is a delicious dish that is deep fried and prepares delicious spring roll. It is stuffed with a good quantity mixture of minced meat and includes chopped vegetables.

Pancit – Pancit, or pansit, are a good taste noodles that can easily be mixed with either meat or vegetable, whatever you wish for. The name was originated from the Hookien word ‘pian e sit,’ which means ‘something conveniently cooked.’

Chicken Adobo – This dish is also very popular and well-known dish. It is one of the most eaten foods that offers distinctive flavour prepared with the slow cooking process and include a good amount of vinegar, crushed garlic, soy sauce, and black pepper.

To try all these foods, you can also order it online at Takatack. It will let you enjoy these tasty dishes at your place.


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