The Ultimate Singapore Travel Guide For Foodies!

June 19, 2018

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Singapore, one of most favorable travel destination of the world is a small island city-state set on the tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Because of its strategic location, the island city-state is blessed with numerous cultural influences, not only known for being the most powerful and important sea-ports in the world, but it is also known as the melting pot of cultures abounding with lip-smacking delicacies.

If you are planning a trip to Singapore not only to explore its iconic landmarks and wonderful attractions but also to taste some of its authentic and flavourful cuisines, then this article is simply for you. While you are in Singapore, you will get to taste food inspired by Chinese, Malay and Indian flavors.

Food, being one of the biggest pillars of Singaporean culture, you will be surrounded by foodies most of the time. Now, quickly glance at the Singapore travel guide given below-

Where to stay in Singapore?


Singapore is home to countless accommodation options, be it cheap accommodation or luxurious accommodation. If you thinking of where to stay in Singapore then I would suggest you Little India or Downtown or Orchard or Chinatown area as these are the best areas to stay. No matter where you stay, with the help of a good public transportation, that happens to be in Singapore, you can easily reach any part of the city-state.

Hotels you must consider-

  • Carlton City Hotel
  • Ibis Singapore Bencoolen

Book the most suitable hotel depending on your budget and other requirements at comparatively discounted rates by using AirAsiaGo voucher codes.

Singapore Street Food And Restaurants!


While you in Singapore, you will find an insane amount of tasty food to eat and lip-smacking delicacies are the leading reason why millions of travelers visit Singapore. It is a place with an incredibly diverse place with so many ethnicities, each with their own distinct restaurant and flavors.

Some of the most Popular Singaporean dishes-

  • Fish head curry –  A rich flavorful spicy curry often served with a bowl full of rice. It is one of the most loved, authentic Singaporean dish, you shouldn’t miss to taste while you are holidaying in this exotic island city-state.
  • Nasi Padang or Nasi Malayu – In Singapore Padang food is widely popular. one of the favorite food of Singaporeans. Most of the Nasi Padang restaurant you’ll find a bedazzling display of different curries meats and vegetables, including rendang, a curry of meat in a spice-filled dry coconut blend.
  • Murtabak – Another favorite food of in Singapore is Murtabak – a giant thin piece of dough that is filled with a combination of minced meat, onions, and egg, then fried in lots of oil until crispy and served with curry sauce on the side. Murtabak is originally an Arab food, in Singapore, it’s become more of an Indian local food, and the taste of the strong spices wrapped in the crispy dough makes it irresistible.

So, that’s a wrap to some widely famous Singaporean dishes you must try while holidaying in this island city-state. You can enjoy an amazing discount on food with Hungrygowhere voucher codes.

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