7 High-End Technologies You Must Be Aware Of!

In this digitally transforming world, it is important for your stay up-to-date with all the latest invention taking place today. Here I bring forward some the breakthrough technologies to you that will be a great hit in 2018.

Artificial intelligence, smarter gadgets, great connectivity, utmost comfort, and convenience is what today’s technology is focusing on more. Be it consumer goods, healthcare industry products, entertainment industry items or any other kind of products, you will find everything is packed with crowd-pleasing features and functionalities.

Keep reading to check out some of the greatest technological inventions taken place recently-

Convertible Laptops/Tablets!


Finger-touch technology in simple laptops and tablets are greatly giving way to latest convertible devices developed with more robust capabilities and traditional interfaces. Lenovo X1 Yoga is one such example of a convertible device that lets you fold its keyboard behind when not in use and unfold when the user requires working on the Qwerty keypad. In short, convertible devices offers a greater degree of convenience and functionality that the tablets alone.

Augmented Reality!


Last year, the mobile games like Pokemon Go have seriously unleashed a million-dollar demand for the augmented reality entertainment industry and its because of this it is said that in no time augmented reality will outpace the virtual reality. In 2018, AR will likely to explode like anything proffering an experience that will immerse its users greatly while keeping them connected with the rest of the world. All the credit goes to the invention of affordable augmented reality-glasses that will let you keep your smartphones in your pockets and HUD (Heads Up Displays) will enhance how you’re gonna shop, play, and work.

Artificial Intelligence In Almost Everything!


Today, you will see Artificial intelligence (AI) unsurprisingly everywhere and most the technology trends are falling into this vein. Smarter vehicles, smarter consumer goods, smarter products, smarter processes, smarter tech solutions and smarter cities, the year is all about inventing smarter things.

Health Sensors!


When it comes to knowing about how technology is doing in the healthcare industry, you will be amazed to see that it is flourishing equally just like in other industry. Health sensors are the latest technology introduced in the healthcare industry that helps people to improve their well-being and health conditions with utmost convenience and ease.

Self-Driven Cars!


With digital transformation touching automotive industry, self-driving cars are worth discussing. With an aim to provide more free-time, more efficient commutes, and lesser traffic accidents, self-driving cars have taken a huge leap in artificial intelligence and all other sorts of game-changing technological advancements.

Wireless Charging!


In the digitally advanced world, wireless charging is the biggest hit and have achieved new horizons development, sending power to multiple devices over the air. Wireless charging devices save you from being tethered by the dangled cords that waste a lot of your time and energy.



Yet another high-end technology and a feature-packed crowd-pleasing device loaded with tons of functionality is the drone. Perfect for recreational flying, drones allow you to capture HD quality videos.

So, these are some of the high-tech advancements taken place recently, that you must be aware of.

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