Some Of The Basic Flavor Enhancing Spices!

October 25, 2017

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While variety is the spice of life, but there are some herbs, spices, and seasonings that are a pantry staple. You all have some or the other flavor enhancer spices stocked in your kitchen, But then, there are some basic spices that serves your daily living purposes.

If you ask the pair of foodies which flavor enhancers they always have at home? The answers might vary from person to person.

How Spices act as a flavor enhancer?

  • AddS flavor
  • Adds Color to your food
  • Adds an aroma of the food.

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The general manager of George Dellalo Co. and Dellalo’s Italian Marketplace in Jeannette has specified some major spices that can add taste, an essence of the authentic flavors too.

Let’s start from the base of the spices


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Kosher salt tops t the list, with sea salt running a close second. Both have a coarse texture. Also, if you are thinking of the dry spices and seasonings then, kosher salt will have a definite role to play.

Why is this spice important?

  •  When you’re cooking pasta, for instance, it dissolves easily, and when you’re seasoning meats you get good coverage.


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Every home cook should have peppercorns and a pepper mill. The pepper is freshener and this will add more fragrance than the ground black pepper because you’re cracking the kernel, and you can control whether you want it coarse or fine.

Where it can be used as the taste enhancer?

  • While you marinade or while seasoning for meat.
  • For seasoning flank steak or other meat

Crushed Red Pepper

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This spice is always close at hand in most of the kitchen because it works in so many marinades and sauces from spaghetti to chili.

Why this is an essential ingredient?

  • This adds color to the food.
  • This gives your palate an amazing blend of spice and delicacy.


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This particular spice comes in different varieties depending on the pepper from which it is grounded. While its deep-red color and if sprinkled more than the required it won’t be your favorite spice anymore.

Where to use it?

  • Dusting for potato salad and deviled eggs, paprika imparts a subtle.
  • Seasonings for chicken and other meats.
  • When mixed with other spices, this also goes well with all newly popular smoked Spanish varieties.

Already getting a mouth watery feeling over your palate? Then try out these spices and relish the taste!


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