Buy The Best Champagnes From RedMart And Celebrate The Happiness Together.

Whether it’s a victory celebration, candle light dinner or any other special occasion, champagne brings more happiness and changes the mood to celebrate harder. Sometimes we feel that without champagne our party is incomplete. We love to taste that sparkling and bubbly taste of champagne.  Buy the best champagnes from Redmart Singapore using voucher codes and save your money.

Champagne is actually narrowly defined as sparkling wine made from the Champagne region in France, and specifically through the “methode champenoise” process.  Champaign generally cost higher as compared to other wine counterparts due to the strict regulation and labour-intensive production method.  Forgetting the cost and any other reason, a bottle of champagne make the day when used in a proper way.

Prosecco refers to sparkling wine made in the Veneto region of Italy. Because Prosecco tends to be a little fruity with delicate bubbles, it’s very easy drinking just on its own. Otherwise, pair it with foods that are lighter in flavour ─ such as oysters, rock melon wrapped in prosciutto ─ so as not to overpower the prosecco.

Cava can almost be considered as Spain’s answer to champagne, sharing very similar production methods. Both champagne and cava have very fine, persistent (long-lasting) bubbles, allowing them to hold their ground well against strong flavours. Their high acidity will also lend a refreshing counterbalance to fried food!

The Black Swan

black swan champagn

The Black Swan is arguably the best Champagne pairing: oysters. For $21, you get a glass of Champagne and two freshly-shucked oysters. By doing some mathematical calculations, it turns out that drinking a bottle worth of bubbly by the glass is still cheaper than their entry-level bottle of Perrier-Jouet that goes for $150.

Raventos L’Hereu Cava

Raventos L'Hereu Cava

This beautiful bottle of bubbly is surprisingly serious Cava for those who haven’t been following the progress of the region over the past decade or so. Incredible value and a spectacular, inexpensive alternative to Champagne for those who find Prosecco a bit too sweet.

The best way to take it with chilled seafood, or creamy cheeses like brie, camembert and goat cheese. Also pairs well with rillettes, spicy flavours and greasy foods.

Champagne Philippe Gamet Brut Selection Blanc De Noirs 

Champagne Philippe Gamet Brut Selection Blanc De Noirs .jpg

Incredibly nutty aroma, with traces of peppery notes. Very juicy, and slightly more acidity than the cave.

The best way to take it with oysters, crayfish, lobsters. Works well with rillettes too. Also tastes awesome with spicy dishes and fried food.

Champagne Drappier, Nv, Brut Nature Sans Souffre

Champagne Drappier, Nv, Brut Nature Sans Souffre

This is also quite tasty, but with a lingering chocolaty edge. Slight umami character but juicy, and give you a lush feeling in the mouth. Better to pair it with hard cheeses, poultry, char siew, and rich curries.

Woodstock Ruby Velvet Dolcetto Lagrein Sparkling 2016 

Woodstock Ruby Velvet Dolcetto Lagrein

This will give you a sweet & ripe flavour of stone fruits like plum and nectarine. Slightly chocolaty, super fizzy at the start, but the bubbles fade quite quickly.  Best to have it with spicy but not coconut-based foods, like chorizo. Also tastes good with sweet, fatty flavours like bak kwa or foie gras terrine.

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