Wish Your Skin A “Good Night” For A “Good Morning” Skin Tomorrow

“Treat yourself with the best and healthy clear skin products and get the healthy and glowing skin.”

Buying a skincare product is not an easy affair. Skincare products are not one size fits type which suits to all skin types. Our genetic factors and many other factors like the environment in which we grew up affects the skin type we have. Due to this, some of us may have oily skin, congestion or large skin pores, premature ageing, sensitivity, dullness, a roughness of skin texture etc.

Since Singapore is the city which is very congested and urbanised, thus it is quite usual for us to get a bad exposure to all sorts of dust and pollution throughout the day outside our home. Pollution includes free radicals, floating debris; smoke particles and all sorts of exhausted fumes which get settle on our skin and block the pores. As a result, we start looking older than our age.

women glowing skin

We always want to have shining, glowing and healthy skin but the dirty pollution and toxic particles mixed in the air take our real skin glow and damage our skin, its now that easy to deal with this problem.

r6 skincare revolution

The best solution for this problem is a new R6 Sensory Face Therapy. It works to detoxify and improve circulation in your skin. As part of the sensory face therapy, you can expect lymphatic drainage and other treatment protocols to not only reduce puffiness and redness but also rehydrate your skin to restore the glow you’re missing.

At the end of the day, what we want is the healthy and clean skin.  The world of skincare products is very large, and expensive also so when it comes to eliminating toxins, evening out your complexion and reducing water retention, sometimes it’s better to consent to the professionals. After all, it’s a matter of your skin.

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