Must Have Wardrobe Essentials For Women With Hijab

You have to admit it that we sometimes buy things which are actually not required but we still buy and then feel guilt after buying. It is very difficult to get passed on a fashion store without being seduced with their beautiful pieces hanging at the entrance of the store. The magnetic force of the store becomes more unbearable when the word ‘SALE’ plastered on every corner of the store. And as a result, we end up with overflowed wardrobe!

Women Makeup

Being updated with the latest and never ending fashion trends and maintaining the sense of real fashion could be an exhausting job for all the women. For those hijab-clad women, looking good in their hijab while preserving their modesty also become one of their major concern.

Like non- hijab women, hijabis also have to maintain a list of items which are considered to be very important for their wardrobe. Here at Voucher Codes Malaysia, we have created a list of few absolute must-haves wardrobe essentials for women with hijab! Let’s check out the list.


Muslim Women Hijab

Starting with the top of the body we found that scarves are must-haves items for all women with hijab. Whether you prefer shawl, pashmina, satin shawl or anything else, scarves are considered as the signature item for all hijabis out there. Keep on experimenting with yourself with different types of scarves styles and select the one which suits you the most. Always remember, not all the colours will suit to your skin tone!!



If you are an expert hijabi, you can easily wrap your scarf around without a pin or brooch. Yet for most of us, we do need these little fellas to make our scarves stay put. The pins are also used to create different styles and wraps, some of which might need a handful, while another style only needs one or two. Nowadays, you can also find multiple cute and quirky pins that go perfectly with your personality.


ABAYA For Women

Most of the non-hijabis must have a little black dress (LBD) in their wardrobe which they can wear anywhere and can be used as formal and informal both the occasion, but we hijabis have got abaya as a substitute of LBD. Our traditional black abaya is great for any occasion but you can also choose one with fancier design and colour for a home party or any other special gatherings.



Tunics and long shirts are the perfect tops for a chic look. It can still look great when paired with jeans and boots. For those hijabis who are feeling a bit lazy to play dress up, a tunic and long shirt can still make you look effortlessly chic. It is loose, comfortable yet chic and cool. Who wouldn’t love such perfect combination?


Ask a girl and she will tell you that a handbag and a pair of shoes are girls’ best friend. Decide what kind of style that are significantly yours and tries to find one particular bag and shoes that can go with almost all your looks. Although it is not easy, you can tell what kind of bag or shoes that suit you more. You can go for a backpack and sneakers if your love street wears look or a sling bag and a pair of flats for a dreamy and feminine look.

For more wardrobe essentials for the modest women, head on to voucher codes today for the widest variety of coupons & even greater savings!

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