Bring Home The Perfect Baby Crib For Your Little One From Lazada

December 20, 2016


Congratulations! To the couple who just got promoted and became parents! Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility in itself. And believe me, as and when you get to know about the newborn entering your life the feeling is undescribable.

However, with happiness comes great responsibility! No, no dear! I ain’t scaring you, but just making you aware of the facts. That’s the time of your life when you have to plan so much and everything you do seems so little, doesn’t it? This is what exactly I wanted to tell you guys.

Well, I don’t wanna share any parenting lecture here, but then just give you a little advice and guide on what is the basic element you need to get for your toddler! And that is the baby crib! Of course, the bed of your child should be the one that keeps your baby comfortable all day long and the toddler enjoys his time in the crib!

And don’t forget to get your set from Lazada and yes I know you need to save too so hop in with where you get exciting Lazada discount coupons and voucher codes!

So, here I have got for you a quick review of 2 very comfortable baby mini cribs for your child!
Hence, let me first talk about the mini crib! The Wooden Baby Crib

22This baby crib is a wooden bed weighs 7kg. One thing that makes this bed so unique is that it can be used as both day time bed as well as a twin size bed and can be used as a playpen as well.
The bed measures 94 x 61.5 x 79 (in cms.) The mini crib is completed with a solid wood finishing for a premium appearance.

2Pros: It offers a very comfortable setting for the bedding and is protected and safe from all the four sides.
Cons: It does not come with the bedding; therefore you need to get them separately!

Moving on to the 5Pcs baby crib bedding set. The bedding set includes- 1 cotton mat (with filler), 1 pillow (with filler), and 3 different size bumper set. 5Pcs/set baby crib bedding set measures 100x58cm.

htb1a0xqmxxxxxalaxxxq6xxfxxxkThe cotton mat is really comfortable and is a special one made out of polyester and is therefore easily washable. It has got all the features that require a toddler to have a comfortable sleep.
The three bumpers set 105X60cm, 110X60cm, and 110X65cm crib. The pillow provided is also cottony soft and is perfect for the toddlers and their soft skin.

htb1sqdimxxxxxbfxxxxq6xxfxxxyPros: The material is really nice and comfortable.
Cons: The bedding set does not include the duvet set.

htb1zodqlxxxxxb4xfxxq6xxfxxxrSo this was it with my review on a complete and perfect baby crib with bedding set for the crib. I hope you liked it and do not forget to share your views and suggestions in the comment box below.

Until next time,
Loads of love!


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