Rejuvenate your skin with 5 skin-friendly beauty products from Althea

September 23, 2016

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Do you know what can make a woman feel jealous the most? It’s not her friend’s jewelry or designer dress but her baby soft, wrinkle free skin. Yes, I can see many heads nodding reading this. Well, all my beautyholic friends don’t go anywhere as this article might be fruitful for you. Singapore’s entrusted online beauty store, Althea is up with some exclusive beauty products that can help you get flawless skin.

Skin care is an important part of beauty regime hence, Althea is offering ample of discount on skincare products. From moisturizers to body care product all are available at Althea at affordable rates.

Beauty can last forever but it takes a little effort to be kept evergreen. In today’s scenario, when everyone has a jam-packed schedule its next to impossible. So this is when Althea’s aesthetic beauty products can be fruitful for you, as they are time-saving and easy to use.

Shoppers who love to do smart shopping can make their shopping partner to enjoy ample of Althea voucher codes.

Come let’s take a glimpse at the variety of beauty products available at Althea.

Yuja Water C Serum04__skinfood_yuja-water-c-serum_goeun_thumbnailWant to get radiant skin then include Yuja Water C Serum to your beauty regime. Favorable for all skin type, Yuja Water C Serum is available at Althea at 23% off.

Don’t Worry Wrinkle Spotfile_2_10As the name suggests, get rid of the wrinkles and spots with Don’t Worry Wrinkle Spot by Chica-Y-Chico. Althea offers the anti-wrinkle roll-on at 54% off.

Verbena Scalp Scaling Set__en_thumbnailSo much work pressure and stress puts bad effect on your hair scalp which eventually ruin your hair growth, so include Verbena Scalp Scaling Set to your beauty regime to get rid of these irritating issues. Althea offers this scaling kit at 63% off.

Full Body Set Moringa Line_-__en_thumbnailTake good care of yourself with Full Body Set Moringa Line at Althea by Hello Everybody. Althea offers this wholesome package at 50% off.

Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream02_snail-ultra-cream_thumbnailWant to get a smooth skin? Then buy Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream from Althea. Regular application of Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream can get you smooth skin. Althea offers the moisturizing cream at 57% off.

So all those who have made up their mind to buy these skin-friendly products can hurry up and log on to Althea. While for those who wish to get extra savings, is a perfect destination.

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