Best of Men’s Must-Haves: Personal Grooming isn’t an Alean’s Idea to Singapore’s Men

February 10, 2016

Beauty Deals

If you are of the opinion that men are messy and making them sassy and suave is an impossible task, let us tell you, you are about to change your opinion. Messi fans are neither messy nor saucy; in fact, they are the epitome of today’s metrosexuality.

In our endeavor to find out that very X factor, which is contributing to changing the perception of men towards being more beauty conscious, we figured that today’s men are more obsessed with ‘cute’ than ‘rough and tough’ image. Two reasons are enough to support the argument.

One is the rising aspirations to look better for social success and second is the availability of personal grooming devices and men’s only cosmetic products. The only reason men are still shying away from the personal care cosmetics is the exorbitant prices.

But, when is around, men are not at the mercy of women’s cosmetics. brings you the Must-have list of men’s cosmetics and grooming devices. Obviously, any list is inadequate if it doesn’t come with a fascinating discount offer. Therefore, we don’t disappoint you. Let the Cupid come calling this Valentine’s Day.

Philips AquaTouch Electric Shaver (49% OFF)
philips-aquatouch-wet-and-dry-electric-shaver-s5070-hitam-biru-gratis-philips-smartclick-oil-control-cleansing-brush-pro-6744-2996892-2-zoom1Do not compromise on the result; Phillips brings the best men’s shaving device that offers clean shave while protecting the skin. AquaTouch Electric Shaver is designed by Phillips to offer the ultimate shaving experience. The Phillips Shaver features Flex technology direction Heads 5 with 5 independent movements, which ensures every curve on the face is followed by for shaving even the shortest hair. The Oil-Control Cleansing Brush Pro is a facial skin care tool accessories, which significantly helps reduce the production of sebum in the face.

Garnier Men Power White Scrub (15% OFF)
garnier-men-power-white-scrub-100-ml-3978-6136323-1-zoomThe Garnier Men Power White Scrub, who believes men can’t be protected from sun exposure. Developed with protective technology, which drags pollutants out, Garnier Men Scrub brightens the skin to appear more brilliant. Equipped with SPF 30, the scrub moisturizes the skin and builds a protective layer against dust, dirt, and germs. Garnier has excelled on providing men all kind of solutions to stay fresh and healthy and avoid any dull moment and vibes.

L’Oréal Paris Men Moisturizer Cream (20% OFF)
loreal-paris-men-expert-hydra-energetic-moisturizer-cream-50-ml-9452-70005-1-zoomL’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturizer Cream is a facial moisturizer that gives you long lasting glow and makes skin healthier. The cream provides 24 hours of freshness on your skin and makes you more confident when you are out for milestones. Non-oily and non-sticky, L’Oréal Paris Men Moisturizer Cream is made of vitamin C and Magnesium, which stimulates the skin’s natural drainage and strengthens your skin against any damage.

HG Pack Shampoo & Hair Tonic for Men (10% OFF)
hg-paket-shampoo-and-hair-tonic-for-men-8964-8266862-1-zoomMen are more worried about hair loss and, therefore, lose more hair than women lose at the young age. But, HG says, throw all your worries out of the window when uniquely developed HG Shampoo & Hair Tonic for Men is there. HG Shampoo & Hair Tonic helps protect against hair loss. Made with all natural ingredients, the Hair Tonic reduces kerontokkan and stimulates the scalp to ensure a voluminous hair growth.

Buyincoins 4in1 Face Care Cleaner (63% OFF)
buyincoins-4in1-face-care-cleaner-pore-blackhead-skin-brush-scrubber-massager-8477-3738521-1-zoomNone can deny the fact that any health and beauty regime begins with cleansing the skin. Washing the skin with the help of the hands doesn’t substantiate the cleaning. For those wish to have a skin thoroughly cleaned and pores are purged completely, Buyincoins 4in1 Face Care Cleaner is a must in their daily routine. A revolution design removes blackheads without squeezing the skin, which ergonomically designed suction cup penetrates deeply to cleanse the pores.

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